About Us

My name is Jordan Kavanagh. I created my brand 16a in December 2018. At that time I had been working full-time as a visual merchandiser and sales assistant in a well known high end retail store in Cork City. I decided just before Christmas that year that I wanted to leave and set up my own business. I had been cutting hair for about year at that stage on and off and had completed a barber course in the city with top grades in early 2018. I have always been very artistic and creatively driven throughout my life. I had a few abstract paintings on canvas at the time, which I had a bit of interest in through clients of mine in my retail job. Starting fresh in January 2019 I set up my own business and took the leap. I put a bit of savings into the garage of my parents home and set up there, this is where the name came to mind as my house is number 16 and we called the garage 16a and it stuck from there. I worked there for a short while before having to move onto a small shop on Ballinlough Road in Cork, which I found online and saw the potential in once I viewed it in person. The shop was very dated and vacant for over two years. This is where my creative instinct kicked in. Myself, family and one or two of my best friends flipped the shop from bottom to top giving it a new lease of life and in just over two weeks we had it ready for me to move in and get working. I am now in the same location over a year and I couldn’t be happier. I have always worked on an appointment only basis and I am glad to say I booked out from week to week. I have also started working on a lot more abstract paintings which have started to build up and I have taken the leap to start selling them. This website will give me a broader client base for my artwork. I am now taking on commissions too. I am loving the way my brand is going, taking a different approach and gelling both barbering and abstract artwork. This was my goal from day one. This is only the start for me and I have a lot more I want to bring on board and into my brand in the near future. Thanks for looking at my website and I hope to be able to help you’ll achieve yours goals be it in hair or painting.

Jordan @ 16a.